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Gold Washing Machine Information

Learn all about Gold Watch Project and how we deliver top tier machines that are custom made with quick production timelines.

Gold Washing Machine Information

If you’re looking to pick up one of the different machines available through Gold Watch Project, you’ll first want to have some information regarding the use and specifications of our machines. These are technical machines with professional, precise requirements and standards—they’re not for just any old hobbyist doing a weekend dig. To prepare you and to help you understand the use and functions for our various devices before you purchase one, we’ve gathered plenty of gold washing machine information on this page.

Currently, Gold Watch Project offers five different pre-set sizes of gold mining machines: the M30, M50, M100, M200, and M300. These machines are numbered by their weight capacity in tonnage, meaning that you should consider the scale of your operation before purchasing a machine. After all, there’s no need to get a 200-ton capacity gold mining machine if you’re only going to be doing a 50-ton job.

Each of these machines also has different requirements for things such as water usage, fuel consumption, and more. With regards to water usage, our various machines require anywhere from 500 gpm to 3200 gpm. Keep this in mind when making your purchase, as a machine for which you can’t reliably provide enough water will be unhelpful. The same goes for their fuel usage, which can range from two liters per hour on the low end to four liters per hour on the higher end. Keep both aspects in mind when making your purchase to make the most of your gold washing machine.

Other aspects of our machines are designed to make them any miner’s best friend. Unlike machines from other manufacturers, our gold wash plants do not require you to hook them up to separate generators—they’re self-powering. They also work with most existing pumps, though not with every variety—check with us to see if your pump is compatible. They’re also environmentally conscious, not requiring mercury solutions like other machines do. Our machines are also very easily repaired, and the repairs don’t require expensive custom-made parts.

If you have more questions about our gold washing machine information, get in touch with us, and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

We specialize in building high quality gold washing machines here in the USA with American made steel and engineering.