Gold Mining Equipment Maintenance 101

Gold mining equipment is a great investment. Whether you are the beginning gold miner or a seasoned professional, a gold wash plant can change your operation for the better. However, just as it is important to change the oil in your vehicle it is even more critical to maintain your gold mining equipment. Always remember to choose a wash plant that has few moving parts and is as self-contained as possible. This will allow for fewer components to fail and less equipment that needs maintenance. Wash plant failure means downtime and less money in your pocket.
Whether you use a trommel or shaker/screen type gold washing plant you need to be vigilant about maintenance. Always consult the manufacturer of your gold wash plant regarding maintenance. 
If using a Gold Watch Project gold wash plant then a few simple things will keep you up and running for many long seasons of mining.

Here are 3 simple steps to help maintain your wash plant:

1. Make Sure the Bolts are Tight

First, when using a vibrating screen gold wash plant you must make sure your bolts are tight. The majority of the bolts on our machines are 3/4" grade 8. We only use premium grade 8 hardware on our wash plants which require a torque spec to 282 ft/lbs. These are top lock nuts on lock washers which offer the best security when high vibration is occurring.

2. Grease Bearings Daily

Second, Make sure the bearings are greased daily. Due to the extreme environment, your wash plant is in, it is important to only use bearings that are able to be greased. No sealed bearings on our wash plants. Only 100% easy to access, serviceable, American made bearings are in use on our wash plants.

3. Change Oils

Third, our wash plants are all direct hydraulic drive. No belts, transmissions or generators are required to run the wash plant. All gold watch project gold wash plants are self-contained direct drive hydraulically driven wash plants which means less maintenance or chance of equipment failure on your mining site. But you will need to change the hydraulic oil and engine oils. This timing will depend on which model you have and what environment you mine in.

If you follow these simple steps you will be off to a trouble-free mining season and have less downtime and more gold in your pocket

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