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We provide the highest quality, most rugged machines in the business. We will work with you to meet your needs and get you running and finding gold as soon as possible.

Machines Made for Gold

Our passion is making great machines. Our gold wash plants are efficient and powerful. Efficient power means more money in your pocket. All machines use Premium Rexnord bearings on the shaker system that come equipped with grease points that will assist with years of use. Each machine is highly portable, and most can be mounted on trailers for even more portability.

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We love talking mining projects and would love for your to use our gold wash plants for your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are handful of our most frequently asked questions. Let us know if there is a question you can't find the answer to and we would be happy to help.

  • Common Shipping Costs

    20’ High Cube: $4000-$6000USD*

    40’ High Cube: $6000-$9000USD

    * Most countries

  • Do I need a generator?

    No. The machine is all self-contained and does not require a generator or additional power.

  • How much water does the plant require?

    50 ton gold washplant requires ~500 gallons per minute

    100 ton gold washplant requires ~1500 gallons per minute

    200 ton gold washplant requires ~2200 gallons per minute

    300 ton gold washplant requires ~3200 gallons per minute

  • Will my current pump work or do I have to buy one from you?

    Your current pump will most likely work. However, it is best to check with us and we can accurately answer for your specified case.

  • How much fuel does the wash plant use?

    One of the benefits of a direct drive hydraulic system is efficiency. Our smaller plants use approximately 2 liters per hour while our larger plants are about 4 liters per hour.

  • How do the plants work in clay?

    Clay is every miner’s enemy no matter what type machine you use. Clay will cut production down significantly, and results will vary depending on your clay content. Our engineers work closely with customers to tailor the machines to the customer’s needs as best as possible.

  • Do you offer on site training?

    Yes. Our experienced field technicians are able to help with machine setup and operation as well as site logistics and tailings management.

  • Do I need mercury?

    No mercury is required. We use a highly efficient sluice design that recovers up to 98% of flour gold. It is important to us to be environmentally conscious and not harm the earth.

  • How long does a clean out take?

    Clean outs range from 30 minutes to about 90 minutes.Our riffle system is modular and each section is held down by two 3/4″ nuts which easily detach to reveal the miners moss matting below. From there remove the matting, clean, and replace. Some customers purchase extra mats so the clean out goes even faster.

  • What does the wash plant come with?

    The 50 ton wash plant is ready to start recovering gold when it arrives. It comes equipped with hydraulic unit, water pump, and 300′ of high pressure lay flat hose. Due to shipping regulations it ships dry and fluids will need to be added on site.

    The 100, 200, and 300 ton per hour washplants require further discussion to determine pumping and specific site needs.

  • What brand of engines do you use on your wash plants?

    We use a variety of engines. Honda, Yanmar, and Kubota are our most popular, but we can use almost any engine should you have different requirements.

  • Does the wash plant come on a trailer?

    The wash plants do not come on a trailer. We can supply trailers if one is needed. However, the plant is skid mounted and we recommend you operate it while firmly on the ground.

  • How portable is the gold wash plant?

    The wash plant is designed to be highly portable and can be moved from site to site by dragging along the heavy duty skids. From there setup is quick, just hook up the water, level the sluice boxes, and start mining.You can see in our examples how the wash plant is dragged around.

  • what if a part breaks?  Do I have to purchase it from you?

    No, our gold wash plants are designed to be repaired anywhere in the world. Each component we use is commonly available and nothing is proprietary to us (i.e. filters, hoses, motors).

  • what's the difference between your machine and someone else's?

    Every machine is unique and has its pros and cons, as is every mine site. We can help you decide your unique situation and decide which tool is right for your job.